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School Admins

Paperless school - 100% Digitization of school + teacher-parent-admin communication platform

Automation of all paperwork - attendance, scorecard, lesson planning

Get real-time updates on your child's progress

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For School Admin:

  • TC / Bonafide certificate automation

  • End-to-end school database management

  • Scorecard, attendance reporting automation

  • Teacher leave management

  • Teacher workshops and training

  • Parent / Teacher communication platform

  • Automated notifications to parents / teachers

  • Student performance analytics

Teachers :

  • Scorecard automation

  • Student attendance automation

  • Scorecard generation

  • Attendance report generation

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For Parents:

One and only app required to
monitor your child’s progress

  • Live updates on child’s academic performance

  • Learning analytics

  • Live updates on attendance

  • Notifications from school

We craft the best user experience for school teachers, admins, parents and students. Our focus is and always will be, to create easy-to-use tools that improve the teaching and learning experience.
Email us at: 
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59/21, Yamunanagar, Nigdi, Pune - 411044
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